Commission Request Email Sample – Templates and Tips

Are you tired of writing commission request emails that fail to impress your potential clients? Well, you’re in luck because we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll be sharing commission request email samples that you can use as a guide to craft your own. Plus, we’ll be giving you tips on how to format and structure your email to make it stand out from the rest of the pack. Whether you’re an established businessperson or a budding freelancer, our commission request email sample will surely come in handy. So sit back, relax, and allow us to guide you on your journey to better commissions. And hey, if you’re not a fan of our samples, no worries! We encourage you to explore and edit them as needed to fit your personal style and tone. Let’s get started!

The Best Structure for a Commission Request Email Sample

Commission request emails are an important part of business, especially for freelancers or artists who are looking to collaborate on projects. However, crafting the perfect email can be a difficult task. To ensure that your email stands out and gets the attention it deserves, there are a few key elements to keep in mind. Here is the best structure for a commission request email sample that will help you create a clear and effective message.

Introduce Yourself and Your Work

The first paragraph of your email should introduce yourself and your work. This is your chance to make a great first impression and show your potential collaborator why they should work with you. Be sure to include a brief summary of your experience, skills, and accomplishments. Mention any relevant work that you have done in the past, and provide links to your portfolio or website. This will help your potential collaborator get a sense of your style and abilities.

Explain the Project and Your Vision

The next section of your email should explain the project you have in mind and your vision for it. Be specific about what you want to create, why it is important, and how you believe it will benefit your potential collaborator. Provide a brief synopsis of the project, including its scope, timeline, and budget. If you have any materials or sketches that could help illustrate your idea, include them in your email. Remember, the more information you provide, the easier it will be for your potential collaborator to understand your vision and decide if they want to work with you.

Request a Meeting or Follow-up Call

Your final paragraph should wrap up your email and request a meeting or follow-up call with your potential collaborator. This is your chance to close the deal and make sure you are both on the same page. Be clear about what you want from the meeting and suggest some times that work for you. By offering to discuss the project further, you are showing your potential collaborator that you are serious about your work and invested in the project.


When crafting a commission request email, it is important to be clear, concise, and professional. By following this structure, you will be able to create a compelling message that showcases your skills, highlights your vision, and requests further follow-up. Remember to proofread your email carefully and make sure it is free of errors before hitting send. With a little bit of effort and careful attention to detail, you can create an email that captures your potential collaborator’s interest and leads to a successful project.

Commission Request Email Samples

Commission Request for a Portrait

Dear [Artist’s Name],

I hope this email finds you well. I’m writing to request a commissioned portrait as a gift for my partner’s birthday. I’ve seen your work on your social media and your website, and I’m impressed with your skills and style. I would like to request a portrait of my partner, in your signature style with vibrant colors, to be completed within the next four weeks.

Please let me know your availability, fees, and payment terms. I will provide you with a high-quality photograph of my partner, and any specific instructions that you may need. I’m excited to see your final product, and I look forward to working with you.

Thank you for your time and consideration of my request. Best regards,

[Your Name]

Commission Request for a Podcast Theme Song

Dear [Composer’s Name],

I’m a podcaster creator and I am currently looking to create my own theme song. After listening to your work, I strongly believe that you offer the quality and style that would best suit my concept. Would you be interested in discussing a commission for the music for my podcast?

If possible, I would want the song to be uplifting and catchy, in a way that will make my listeners excited to hear it at the beginning of every new episode. The theme song should be between 20-30 seconds, incorporating main elements of my podcast. Feel free to ask for my input at any time.

If this is something you can do, please let me know your availability and fees. I look forward to hearing from you and having the pleasure to work together.

Thank you for your time and consideration of my request. Best regards,

[Your Name]

Commission Request for a Custom-Built Furniture Piece

Dear [Carpenter’s Name],

I hope this email finds you well. I’m writing because I’m interested in commissioning a custom-built furniture piece for my living room. I’m looking for something sturdy and stylish, with dimensions of [insert measurements]. I’ve seen your previous works on your social media profiles and website, and I believe you have the skills and craftsmanship required to make something that matches my vision.

It will be great if we can discuss some of my ideas for the piece and any other suggestions you may have. I would like to know your availability, materials and the estimated price for the project beforehand.

Please let me know if this project is something you would be comfortable with doing. Thank you for your time and consideration of my request. Looking forward to hearing from you shortly.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

Commission Request for a Website Build

Dear [Web Designer’s Name],

I hope you’re doing well. I’m writing to inquire about the commission of a website design for my e-commerce business. I’ve been browsing your portfolio and impressed with your work. I genuinely believe you would be a great fit for what I am searching for.

I am looking for a comprehensive website that suits my business needs featuring a user-friendly storefront with clean and modern aesthetics and excellent functionality. The site will have to suit my target audience and reflect my company goals and values. I have a logo, brand identity, and brand colors that can give an overall understanding of my business’s look and feel.

If you have the time and your rates, I would love to connect and discuss the details of the project to give you more insights. Thank you for considering my request, and I hope to hear back from you soon.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

Commission Request for Social Media Illustration Set

Dear [Illustrator’s Name],

I’m writing to request a commission for an illustration set to be used for my company’s social media promotional material. I came across your portfolio and genuinely loved your style, and I believe it would be a good match for the material I’m looking for.

The illustrations I require will showcase my products and services in a fun and engaging way, something that is eye-catching. I require 5-7 unique illustrations with about a 24-hour turnaround after approval. I’m happy to discuss any further details, reference images, or information you may require to get started. Please provide me with a fee proposal for the entire project.

Thank you for considering my request, and I look forward to working with you soon.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

Commission Request for a Product Prototype

Dear [Product Designer’s Name],

I’m hoping this email finds you well. I came across your previous work, and I’m impressed with your experience in product designing. I’m currently searching for someone to create a prototype for my new product line, and I would like to request your services as a product designer on a commission basis.

The product is [insert product details, dimensions and preferred materials], unique and creative. It will take me some time to explain it to you, however, at this point, I require a designer who understands how to create something unique yet functional. We can work together on finalizing the design, discussing technical aspects, and recommending changes if necessary.

Please let me know your availability, design fee, and necessary time frame. Thank you for considering my request.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

Commission Request for Photography Project

Dear [Photographer’s Name],

I hope you’re doing well. I am reaching out to you to inquire about commissioning you for a photography project. I’ve seen your portfolio, and I’m impressed with the quality of your work, which I think matches what I’m looking for.

I will be launching a new product line soon, and I need professional photos featuring my products in lifestyle settings, like in a home or office environment. Your style is the reason why I think you would be a perfect match for capturing and showcasing my product in natural lighting, in a way that conveys the story behind the product right images.

I would require around 15 final images after editing and can provide more details about the project when we connect. Please let me know your availability, fee, and timeline for this project. Thank you for considering my request, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

Tips for Writing a Commission Request Email

Asking an artist to create custom artwork can be an exciting prospect. However, the process of requesting commission work can seem daunting. Here are some tips for writing a commission request email that will help ensure that your request is clear, concise and professional.

Be Clear About What You Want

The first step is to be clear about what you want. Provide the artist with a description of the artwork you want, including any relevant details such as the medium, size, and style. If you have any reference images or specific color schemes you’d like the artist to use, be sure to include those as well. The more information the artist has, the better they will be able to create something that meets your needs.

Establish Communication Expectations

Communication is key when it comes to commission work. Be sure to establish expectations for how you and the artist will communicate throughout the process. Will you be checking in weekly, or only at certain milestones? Do you prefer email updates or phone calls? Make sure both parties are on the same page to avoid confusion or frustration down the line.

Set a Realistic Timeline

Artists often have other ongoing projects, so it’s important to set a realistic timeline for the completion of your commission. Discuss the deadline for the project upfront and come up with a mutually agreed-upon timeframe for the process. Keep in mind that there may be a waiting period before the artist can begin work on your project, so factor that into your timeline.

Be Respectful of Pricing

Commission work can be expensive, but it’s important to be respectful of an artist’s pricing. Avoid haggling or trying to negotiate the price down, as that can be insulting and discourage an artist from wanting to work with you. If the cost is outside of your budget, it’s okay to politely decline and seek out other artists who may be able to offer a more affordable price.

Express Gratitude

Finally, be sure to express gratitude for the artist’s time and effort. Let them know that you appreciate their work and are excited to see the finished product. Remember that they are creating something unique and special just for you, and it is important to show your appreciation for their hard work.

Commission Request Email Sample FAQs

What is a commission request email?

A commission request email is a formal email that is sent to an artist or designer to request their services for a custom piece of artwork or design project. It outlines the details of the project and asks for a price quote and timeline for completion.

How should I address the recipient in my commission request email?

It is best to address the recipient with their formal name, such as “Dear Ms. Smith” or “Dear Mr. Johnson.” If you are unsure of their gender or prefer a more informal approach, using their first name may also be acceptable.

What should be included in a commission request email?

A commission request email should include a description of the project, the dimensions and materials needed (if applicable), a deadline (if applicable), and any other important information or preferences that the artist or designer should know. It should also ask for a price quote and timeline for completion.

Is it important to provide examples or references for the project in my commission request email?

Yes, providing examples or references for the project can help the artist or designer understand your vision and preferences. This can help ensure that the final product meets your expectations.

How should I communicate my budget for the project in my commission request email?

You can either state your budget in the email or ask for a price quote from the artist or designer. It is important to be upfront about your budget to avoid any misunderstandings or surprises later on.

How long should I expect to wait for a reply to my commission request email?

It depends on the artist or designer’s availability and workload. It is common to receive a reply within a few days or up to a week. If you do not hear back within a reasonable amount of time, it is acceptable to send a follow-up email.

What should I do if the artist or designer’s price quote is out of my budget?

If the price quote is higher than your budget, you can either negotiate with the artist or designer or look for a different artist or designer who fits your budget. It is important to be respectful and professional in all communications.

Is it necessary to sign a contract for the commission project?

It is recommended to have a written contract that outlines the terms and conditions of the project, including the price, timelines, and expectations. This can help avoid any misunderstandings or disputes later on.

How should I thank the artist or designer for their services after the project is completed?

You can express your gratitude with a thank-you note or email, a positive review or testimonial, or even a small gift or tip. Showing appreciation can help build a positive relationship and encourage future collaborations.

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