Scientific -Technical Conference: E-mobility, Sustainable Materials and Technologies


Prospective authors are invited to submit papers in any of the following areas:

- sustainable materials and technologies,

- geopolymers, alkali-activated binders,

- recycled concretes aggregates,

- waste management,

- dismantlement, reuse and recycling,

- performance testing,

- durability,

- performance-based approach,

- innovative materials: application and performance testing,

- insulation materials and energy-efficient buildings,

- Life Cycle Design

Proposals to organize Special Sessions are strongly encouraged. Special Sessions must be related to the MATBUD conference theme within the conference scope. All submitted papers undergo the same review process, and submission to proposed sessions is not a guarantee of acceptance.

To submit your proposal, please send us the following information:

Session ConvenerFirst name, NAME, Affiliation & e-mail address

Session topic :


Session description:

Planed number of papers in your session:

After your proposal is accepted you may be asked to submit a list of tentative paper titles and their authors in your special session. Please start to invite your colleagues, EMMAT Project collaborators to join your special session. We deeply appreciate your initiative in your research field and encouragement to your colleagues.

Please send your Special Session proposals to   no later than 1 December 2019