Sample Vacation Email Notification: Out of Office Message and Automatic Reply

Are you gearing up for a long-awaited vacation that’s just around the corner? If you’re like most people, the last thing you want to worry about is responding to work emails while you’re lounging on the beach or exploring a new city. Fortunately, a vacation email notification can take care of that for you.

With a well-crafted email, you can set expectations with your colleagues and clients, giving them peace of mind that their needs will still be taken care of even when you’re out of the office. But what should you include in your vacation email notification? And how can you make sure your message is clear and effective?

The good news is, you don’t have to start from scratch. There are plenty of sample vacation email notifications out there that you can use as a starting point. By editing these templates to suit your needs and preferences, you can craft a message that’s professional, gracious, and informative.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some top examples of vacation email notifications and show you how to tailor them to your own situation. Whether you want to let your clients know you’ll be away for a few days, or you need to give your colleagues a heads up about an extended trip, we’ve got you covered.

So don’t wait until the last minute to send your vacation email notification. Start planning your message now and enjoy a stress-free break away from work.

The Ultimate Vacation Email Notification Structure

When planning for an upcoming vacation, it’s important to ensure that everything is in order. From booking flights and accommodation to creating an itinerary for the trip, there are a lot of things to take care of before embarking on a well-deserved break. One important aspect that people often overlook is notifying colleagues, clients, and other important contacts about your absence. Sending a vacation email notification is not only courteous but also necessary to maintain communication and avoid confusion.

However, crafting a great vacation email notification can be tricky. You don’t want to come across as unprofessional or leave out important details that could cause issues down the line. That’s why we recommend following this ultimate vacation email notification structure.

Opening Greetings and Purpose

The first paragraph of your vacation email notification should begin with a greeting and introduce the purpose of the email. A simple “Hello” or “Dear” followed by the recipient’s name will suffice. The purpose of the email is to let people know that you will be out of the office and indicate the duration of your absence. You can start with a statement such as “I am writing to inform you that I will be out of the office from [start date] to [return date].”

Contact Information and Availability

The second paragraph should include your contact details and indicate whether you will be available during your vacation. Include your email address and mobile number so that people can reach you in case of an emergency or urgent matter. If you won’t be available during your vacation, let them know when they can expect to hear back from you and who to contact in your absence.

Important Tasks and Projects

The third paragraph should provide details about any important tasks or projects that you are currently working on and how they will be managed in your absence. If there are any deadlines to be met, let your colleagues know and ensure that they have the necessary information to take over or delegate the task to someone else. This will minimize disruptions and ensure that everything runs smoothly in your absence.

Closing Statement

The final paragraph should close the email with a simple statement such as “Thank you for your understanding, and I look forward to catching up with you upon my return.” Include a polite and professional sign-off such as “Best regards,” “Yours sincerely,” or “Kind regards,” followed by your name and job title.

By following this ultimate vacation email notification structure, you can ensure that your vacation will be free from work-related stress and that your colleagues and clients are well-informed and prepared. Happy vacation!

Vacation Email Notification Samples

Relaxing on a Beach Vacation


I wanted to recommend a beach vacation for your upcoming downtime. With the crystal clear waters, the sound of waves crashing on the shore and the sun beating down, there’s no better place to unwind. Imagine filling your days listening to music while lounging on the beach. Indulging in a good book while the gentle waves lap at your feet. Come nightfall, experience the best of seafood cuisine and cocktails under the stars.

We recommend booking a beach vacation for at least one week. This will allow you to fully absorb the serenity of the ocean and truly recharge your batteries. We are positive you will return from your vacation feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the world!

Best regards,

Exploring a New City


If you’re dreaming of an adventure in a new city for your next vacation, we highly recommend you see what it has to offer! From historic architecture to iconic landmarks, there is so much to see and do!

We recommend booking a hotel or vacation rental in a central location, so you are close to all the tourist hotspots. A good map or City Pass will help direct you to the sights and attractions of your chosen city.

You will have a great time exploring museums, art galleries and landmarks on your own agenda. You will also come across parks, local shops and hidden gems that you never knew existed in a new city. Your favorite part might even be sampling the local cuisine!

Best regards,

Reuniting Family with a Family Vacation


A family vacation is a perfect way to reunite with relatives if you haven’t seen each other in a while. With children running around and catching up with cousins, everyone is bound to have a good time!

We recommend you choose a family-friendly destination with different activities for all ages. From water parks to amusement parks, kids and adults alike can have fun together. Outdoorsy trips like camping, hiking or even skiing are perfect for more adventurous families.

Having quality family time, sharing stories, playing games and appreciating each other’s company is priceless. You will return home with a full heart and boundless energy!

Best regards,

Experiencing the Festivals and Culture


If you are a fan of music, food or festivities, we recommend you plan your vacation around a specific festival or event. You can immerse yourself in different cultural experiences in your desired city or country.

We suggest planning your trip according to the dates of the festival, so you can attend as many performances, exhibits, and celebrations as possible. By going behind the scenes and observing the traditions, you can fully appreciate the beauty, creativity and authenticity of the festival.

You will not only have a great time but will come home with a newfound respect for cultures and traditions while discovering your personal preferences in music, art and food.

Best regards,

Gaining Knowledge on a Learning Vacation


If you’re interested in expanding your knowledge while still having a break, a learning vacation is perfect for you! You can immerse yourself in a new language, skill or subject. A learning vacation typically runs for one to two weeks and offers an educational program in addition to leisure activities.

We recommend you choose a destination and program that aligns with your interests and passion. You can learn, indulge and explore at your own pace.

You will return home with newly acquired knowledge, skills, and a broader understanding of the world. You will also experience unforgettable memories of a truly insightful and transformative experience.

Best regards,

Reliving Childhood Memories on a Theme Park Vacation


If you’re wanting to relive childhood memories or create new ones with friends or family, then a theme park vacation could be perfect for you. With record-breaking rides, magical parades, and character meet-and-greets, you will have a fun-filled vacation.

We suggest that you plan your days around the busiest park–usually the most popular rides–at off-peak times to avoid the longest queues. We recommend purchasing a park pass to take advantage of all the rides and attractions in each theme park. Also, take breaks in shaded areas if it’s sunny outside.

You’ll have a great time reconnecting with your younger self while overcoming thrilling rides and tasting novelty treats. You’re never too old to have a blast!

Best regards,

Discovering Gems on a Road Trip Vacation


If you’re wanting to discover hidden gems while travelling at your own pace, then a road trip vacation could be the perfect option for you. With winding roads, scenic lookouts, and unexpected adventures, you will find it hard not to enjoy yourself on this type of vacation.

We suggest planning a route along your desired locations, and deciding how much time you want to spend in each destination. You can choose an itinerary with no stops, rest stops as per your choice or pre-planned en-route accommodation.

You will see and experience things that you wouldn’t normally see through guided tours or pass-by sights. You will behold broad landscapes, quaint towns, historical landmarks and hidden vistas. You’ll have fantastic stories and pictures to share when you return home!

Best regards,

Tips for Crafting Vacation Email Notifications

Going on vacation can be exciting and relaxing, but leaving work behind can be challenging. One crucial aspect of going on vacation is crafting an impressive email notification that will ensure you don’t miss any important communication while you’re away. Here are some tips to help you craft an informative and effective vacation email notification:

  • Start with a cheerful greeting – Greet your recipient in a warm and friendly tone with an exciting opening statement that informs them that you’re on vacation and will be away for a while. This will set the tone for the rest of the email and ensure an immediate positive reaction from your recipient.
  • Mention your return date – Include the specific date and time you’ll be back to work to make it easier for your recipient to know when they can expect a response from you. This will also help them plan their work accordingly and determine the level of urgency of their communication.
  • Provide a reliable point of contact – In your absence, it’s important to provide a reliable point of contact for your recipient in case they need assistance. Include the contact details of your colleagues or team members who can help them with their queries while you’re away. This will ensure your recipient gets the help they need in a timely manner.
  • Set clear boundaries – Let your recipient know that you won’t be checking your email while on vacation to avoid any assumptions or misunderstandings. Give them alternatives like leaving a message or calling the point of contact you provided earlier if it’s urgent. This will set clear expectations and help avoid any interruption to your vacation.
  • Thank your recipient – End your email with a friendly note thanking your recipient for their understanding and patience. This will leave a positive impression and help foster good relationships.

With these tips, your vacation email notification is sure to be informative, effective and set a positive tone for your absence from work. Remember to plan ahead, and enjoy your well-deserved break!

Vacation Email Notification Sample FAQs

What is a vacation email notification sample?

A vacation email notification sample is a pre-written template or message that you can use to inform your colleagues or clients that you will be away on vacation and unavailable for a specific duration of time.

Why is it important to use a vacation email notification sample?

Using a vacation email notification sample is important because it allows you to inform the necessary people that you will be away and unavailable for work-related matters. This helps to avoid any miscommunication or misunderstandings that may occur when you are not in the office.

What should I include in a vacation email notification sample?

In a vacation email notification sample, you should include the date(s) of your vacation, any alternative contact information for urgent matters, and a polite message informing the recipient that you will not be available during this time.

When should I send my vacation email notification?

It is recommended that you send your vacation email notification at least a week before your vacation start date. This allows your colleagues or clients enough time to plan for your absence and take care of any urgent matters before you leave.

Should I set up an out-of-office automatic reply?

Yes, you should set up an out-of-office automatic reply. This is an extra measure to inform people that you are away and that you will not be checking emails during your absence. The message should include the same information as your vacation email notification sample.

How can I make my vacation email notification sound professional?

You can make your vacation email notification sound professional by keeping the message concise, polite, and informative. You should avoid using casual or informal language and ensure that the message is clear and easy to understand.

Can I customize my vacation email notification sample?

Yes, you can customize your vacation email notification sample to suit your personal preferences or specific work requirements. However, ensure that you include all the necessary information mentioned earlier in the message.

What if I receive an urgent work-related email during my vacation?

If you receive an urgent work-related email during your vacation, you should provide an alternative contact person or inform the sender of your unavailability and when you’ll be able to respond. However, it’s best to delegate all your important tasks before going on vacation to avoid such scenarios.

Do I have to notify everyone in my company about my vacation?

You don’t have to notify everyone in your company about your vacation if it’s not necessary. You should only notify those who need to know and those you work with closely. However, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and inform as many people as possible to avoid any miscommunication or confusion.

Enjoy your vacation with a peace of mind

I hope this vacation email notification sample has been useful for you in crafting your own out-of-office message. With this, you can enjoy your well-deserved vacation with no worries about missing important emails or leaving your colleagues hanging. Don’t forget to set up your auto-reply and check it twice! Thanks for reading and feel free to come back for more helpful tips in the future. Have an amazing vacation!