Scientific -Technical Conference: E-mobility, Sustainable Materials and Technologies


Special session:  „Durability of Building Materials and Resiliency in the face of Uncertainties, Natural Hazards, and Climate Change”

Session Conveners: Dr. Umberto Berardi Associate Professor - BeTOP Lab director Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science Ryerson University, Toronto, CANADA.

Session descriptionCurrent energy conservation standards call for energy efficiency strategies which are typically adopted incrementally in buildings retrofit and design by adopting new materials. Meanwhile, the growing interest in the durability of traditional materials is growing together with the awareness of Natural Hazards and Climate Change implication within the built environment. The main aim of this Special session is to organise contribution about Durability of Building Materials and Resiliency in the face of Uncertainties, Natural Hazards, and Climate Change.

Session topic:  The following topics will be covered :

- Probabilistic approaches and new methods to assess service life and building material durability

- Material weathering and their long-term performance

- Building envelope resiliency


Special session:  „The future trends for pro-ecological technologies”

Session Conveners:  Prof. Stanisław M. Rybicki, Cracow University of Technology – Faculty of Environmental and Power Engineering, Cracow, POLAND

Session descriptionThe issues concerning hydrotechnical constructions and hydrology, especially for urban areas, will be discussed. The results of geophysical and geospatial data analysis, as well as rainwater quality analysis, are planned for presentation. During the session, the results of joint research works conducted in cooperation of scientific teams with the Faculty of Environmental and Power Engineering CUT and TU Berlin, Ecole Centrale de Lille (France), National University of Water and Environmental Engineering (Ukraine) will be presented.

Session topic:  The following topics will be covered :

- hydrology,

-hydraulic engineering,

-geodata and hydrodata analysis.

Session topic: „Durability -  diagnostics and testing methods for cement composites”

Session Conveners: Prof. Jerzy Wawrzeńczyk, Kielce University of Technology, POLAND

Session topic:  The session will be devoted to research methods and diagnostics of cement composites in a wide range: from microstructure to performance properties.

Keywords: cement composites, durability, NDT metods, prestructure, microstructure, diagnostic

Special session:  „E-mobility (energy conversion & management, smart materials)”

Session Conveners:  Jerzy Szczepanik, Cracow University of Technology POLAND, Michal Kubik, Brno University of Technology CZECH REPUBLIC, Angela Ferreira,   Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, PORTUGAL

Session description: This session aims at promoting research, development and applications of technologies related to various aspects of e-mobility. It will serve as a forum for promoting discussions in the multi-disciplinary field incl. electromechanical energy conversion & management, smart materials, etc.  We cordially invite researchers, practitioners and students to present and discuss their current research and innovations in the field.

Keywords: e-mobility, energy conversion, smart materials, functional materials

Special session:  "Sustainable architecture of the future"

Session Conveners: Prof. Kazimierz Butelski, Faculty of Architecture, Cracow University of Technology, POLAND

Session description: Sustainable architecture of the future. Necessity or ecological snobbery? What does it mean for the world? Local and global problems. The use of modern or natural materials? Rationalizing the design process or limiting human expansion? Different points of view depending on the cultural context.

Session topic:

- Sustainable architecture. New material and technologies in opposition to the use of local natural materials.

- Global differentiation of the concept of sustainability. Different approaches and strategies in different regions of the world. Different needs and understanding of problems.

- The design process to achieve a sustainable architecture.

- Energy efficiency and recycling in architecture.

Special session:  „Energy and Sustainable Development”

Session Conveners: Brian Azzopardi, MCAST Energy Research Group, Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology, MALTA, Kinga Korniejenko, Cracow University of Technology; POLAND

Session description: The session will cover the following topic but not limited to: renewable energy resources, modern thermal powerplants, energy efficiency, environmental impact assessment and eco-design for energy sector, carbon capture and storage/sequestration, waste to energy, recycling and reusing waste, sustainable development for innovation in energy area, energy and environmental policy.

Session topic:  modern energy, photovoltaics, sustainable energy, circular economy

Session Invited Lecture: Photovoltaics and Electric Mobility Integration by Brian Azzopardi




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